[CUWiN] CUWiN port to Linux

David Young dyoung at pobox.com
Thu Aug 11 03:07:06 CDT 2005

On Fri, Aug 05, 2005 at 11:10:45AM -0500, John Kintree wrote:
> On Thursday 04 August 2005 11:38 am, Sascha Meinrath wrote:
> > Certainly it would also makes sense for Nicholas to integrate CUWiN's
> > software at the application layer with the laptop he's developing.
> How are things going with the port of CUWiN to Linux?  

Hi John,

There is not a CUWiN port to Linux.  If you, or somebody else, would
like to maintain a Linux port, I can help you get started.

It is not a consensus opinion of CUWiN that a Linux port advances CUWiN's
goals or community networking generally.  I don't see that Linux offers
technical benefits, generally; architecturally, it is a WiFi backwater.
At CUWiN's current level of staffing, maintaining a port would be a
fatal distraction.  The job of maintaining will fall to the self-same
hand-sitters who don't port, today---that is, it won't be maintained
at all.

Sascha meant to say not that you can cross-build *to* Linux, but that you
can cross-build *from* Linux.  That is, you can build the NetBSD-based
CUWiN system on Linux, or any other build host for NetBSD.  I have not
tried it myself, but one should be able to build from MacOS X, OpenBSD,
or FreeBSD.  Really, this seems to give people about 99% of what they
want: CUWiN development in the Linux environment they are familiar with.
(I'm all about saving myself 99% additional work for 1% more user
satisfaction.  That is the way we come so far on such meager funding.)


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