[CUWiN] cellular telephony on television channels

David Young dyoung at pobox.com
Sun Feb 13 00:06:15 CST 2005

There's a company in Mississippi demonstrating cell phones that operate on
broadcast television channels concurrently with television stations.  They
send/receive the telephone signals during the "vertical blanking interval"
(VBI) [*].  <http://www.tvtechnology.com/features/news/n-TVband.shtml>


[*] If you're not familiar w/ how TVs work, the VBI is the period of
time after your television receiver has "painted" a video frame form top
to bottom on your TV screen, during which it prepares to paint another
frame.  Since the TV channel is not "in use" duration that interval,
it is possible for some other service to operate.

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