[CUWiN] SUPERNOVA 2005 -- June 20-22, San Francisco -- Save the date! (fwd)

Sascha Meinrath sascha at ucimc.org
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                                          Supernova 2005 ­ San Francisco, June 20 – 22

Supernova is a unique conference that brings together the worlds of technology and business.  Mark your calendars now
for Supernova 2005: June 20-22 in San Francisco, CA!

Starting this year, we are partnering with the Wharton Business School, where Supernova host Kevin Werbach recently
joined the faculty.  The fusion of Supernova’s emerging technology insights and extraordinary networking opportunities
with Wharton’s business leadership will create unique value for conference participants. 

Supernova 2005 will offer fresh perspectives on how “connected” technologies will impact businesspeople, their
companies, their industries, and their customers.  We’ll hone in on key examples of the broad trend toward
decentralization in technology, work, and life, including: distributed e-commerce, pervasive wireless sensors,
massively multiplayer virtual worlds, business uses of weblogs, and voice over IP applications.

So, what else is new?
  *  An entire day of hands-on workshops on the latest distributed technologies.
  *  More opportunities to make valuable business connections, including a networking reception and technology showcase
     at Wharton’s cutting-edge San Francisco facility.
  *  New online community programs leveraging the latest interactive, collaborative tools.
Companies can benefit from the Supernova/Wharton partnership through opportunities to:
  *  Conduct a workshop at the Wharton West facility
  *  Provide interactive community programs
  *  Create brand awareness through online media channels
  *  Host an array of networking events
  *  Access new business contacts through on-site and online marketing programs
To learn more about sponsorship opportunities, please contact us at: sponsors at supernovagroup.net.

Stay tuned for more Supernova announcements in the coming weeks.  Best wishes for the holidays, and we hope you’ll join
us in San Francisco! 
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