[CUWiN] chambana.net status update

Zachary C. Miller zach at chambana.net
Thu Jan 20 09:29:45 CST 2005

If you are receiving this message it is because you are subscribed to
one of the many email lists on lists.chambana.net. I am sending this
to everyone because it is a very important update. I will not send any
more updates like this. If you wish to receive future updates about
the server's status please subscribe to the imsahp-users email list:


I will also be posting server status updates to: 


If you want an RSS feed of these updates you can go here:


Now that I finally have a chance to breath I wanted to make sure that
everyone using my server knows what has been up with the server over
the past month.

The chambana.net server also hosts ucimc.org, weftfm.org,
prairiegreens.org, Office of Volunteer Programs email lists, and many
other organizations email lists and websites. In late December, our
former-ISP Sol Tec discontinued DSL service and the chambana.net
server went offline. Notification of the timing of this disconnection
was not given and we were unable to plan for it but luckily OJC
Technologies jumped in to save the day and provided one month of free
emergency colocation and bandwidth for the server.

  Interim network connectivity is provided by OJC Technologies,
  www.ojctech.com.  OJC invites community organizations to "Your
  Website. Create it! Launch it!".  This is a 4-day course held at
  Parkland in collaboration with WebEasel, WebEasel.net.  Call 351-2235
  for more info.

There was only 24 hours of downtime and many users didn't even notice
the outage. Those of you who tried to send email to with
@lists.cu.groogroo.com may have had ongoing trouble. That trouble has
also been resolved recently. If you are still using
lists.cu.groogroo.com as the domain name for emails to lists, please
switch to lists.chambana.net which is now the prefered name. 

There has also been a huge increase in the amount of spam getting
through to some of the lists. I have updated the spam filtering
software to use "greylisting" which should decrease the amount of spam
tremendously. Under the greylisting system, some email messages may
take up to 2 hours to be received but this will become more rare after
the first few days that the system is in place. 

Soon the server will be back at chambana.net headquarters with a much
faster and more reliable network connection than we've ever had. There
will be no more than 2 hours of downtime when the server is moved

That's all for now. Keep an eye on http://www.livejournal.com/~chambananet
for ongoing updates. 

Zachary C. Miller
Chambana.net Volunteer System Administrator

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