[CUWiN] "IPv6 in the Home" -- Earthlink mods WRT54G to support IPv6

Stephane Alnet stephane at shimaore.net
Wed Jun 1 10:18:20 CDT 2005


""  EarthLink Research and Development offers a glimpse of the future  
of home networking by reworking the open source firmware of the  
popular Linksys model WRT54G™ home gateway. The firmware rework  
enables the WRT54G to a) acquire a publicly routeable /64 IPv6  
prefix, b) provide IPv6 addresses from that prefix to hosts on the  
home network, and c) route IPv6 home network traffic to the greater  
IPv6 Internet. ""

Points to note:
- ubiquitous IPv6;
- no-NAT;
- source code under GPL;
- Earthlink has a "research and development" arm. :)


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