[CUWiN] Nostaligia Time: Cleaning the Old IMC, Monday, 5pm, Last Chance to Remove Stuff!

Mike Lehman rebelmike at earthlink.net
Sun May 29 21:52:47 CDT 2005

A crew is gathering to clean-out and tie up loose ends Monday afternoon 
at 5pm at the old Main St. UC IMC. Drop by, it's a short 2-hour or less 
project. We could really use your help!

It will be a Memorial Day salute to the effective service the old UC IMC 
space provided. If you pine for one last experience at the original, 
historic UC IMC space at 218 West Main in beautiful and progressive 
downtown Urbana, this is your chance. The property will be turned back 
over to our ever-bearing and big-hearted landlords, the Beavers, on 
Wednesday, June 1.

Anyone who has a key for the old space needs to exchange it or request a 
deposit return ASAP. The Space group will set a deadline for this at its 
meeting on Wednesday, June 1 at the new UC IMC space. Please contact me 
for any key-related issues.

If there is anything we cannot accomplish at the old Main St. Monday 
evening, we have one last chance to arrange it on Tuesday. But almost 
everything is gone from the space aleady. A few wall brackets, the CAT-5 
network, the wireless node on the roof, etc are all that is left. This 
will be among the last chances to get anything out if people need it or 
to take one last look.

We'll have all the cleaning supplies we need. The Movin' Crew left us 
most everything we need. The backend of the old space is actually almost 
ready to go. The production room needs swept after the desk brackets are 
removed. We have to liberate the scowling judge from his corner, but 
I've got a ladder. The front space otherwise needs major sweepage, but 
it should be a 2-hour job or less.

And, if possible, we have to liberate the CAT-5 network from its 
entanglement with the building. It may have to be abandoned in place; 
there's no point in chopping it half off. Let me hear your thoughts on 
that if you have a concern -- we're short-handed at this time, even 
assuming we can get access to cleanly remove it.

Special Attention to CU-Win!!! Unless I hear differently, I do not plan 
to do anything with the node. I will leave the power supply in place 
inside and the node up on the roof. I can assist someone in retrieving 
this stuff, but it has to be done by Tuesday evening. Let me know if you 
have a concern, otherwise I intend to abandon the node in place for the 
time being and let the landlords know that you may still want to 
retrieve it later.
Mike Lehman

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