[CUWiN] Nostaligia Time: Cleaning the Old IMC, Monday, 5pm, Last Chance to Remove Stuff!

Mike Lehman rebelmike at earthlink.net
Mon May 30 20:11:51 CDT 2005

I can let you into the building at either 2:30 or 5pm Tuesday -- let me 

However, I think the power supply and the cable/wiring to it are the 
only items inside the building. I can take the power supply out and get 
the cable outdoors, if there is a way to do that without cutting the 
conmnecter off. Otherwise, I'll cut it off. I can drop that off for you 
at your office, if you want me to.

I assume you'll organize a party to retrieve the node from the roof later?
Mike Lehman

David Young wrote:

> On Sun, May 29, 2005 at 09:52:47PM -0500, Mike Lehman wrote:
>>Special Attention to CU-Win!!! Unless I hear differently, I do not plan 
>>to do anything with the node. I will leave the power supply in place 
>>inside and the node up on the roof. I can assist someone in retrieving 
>>this stuff, but it has to be done by Tuesday evening. Let me know if you 
>>have a concern, otherwise I intend to abandon the node in place for the 
>>time being and let the landlords know that you may still want to 
>>retrieve it later.
> Thank you for the heads-up.  The node is my personal property, so I will
> come over to remove it.  Can somebody who has a key meet me at IMC on
> Tuesday evening so that I can unplug the node and retrieve all of the
> pieces that are indoors?  The IMC is only a block from work.  I can
> retrieve the node any time in the afternoon or evening.  Does 2:30pm or
> 5pm work for anyone?
> Dave

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