[CUWiN] Volunteer Needs for the WRFU Barnraising

Mike Lehman rebelmike at earthlink.net
Fri Nov 4 18:43:23 CST 2005

Hi Everyone,
This is a list of things we specifically need volunteers for to help 
with in preparing for the Radio Free Urbana barnraising, the barnraising 
itself, and the IMC all-ages, no-smoking first floor performance space's 
grand opening.

Please reply to the barnraising list -- 
Rfu-barnraising at lists.chambana.net -- or to the specific contacts 
mentioned below if you can help with anything on this list or just show 
up to help as indicated.

Through the efforts of dozens of volunteers, we've come very far toward 
putting another community radio station on the air here in 
Urbana-Champaign, but we're coming down to the wire and we need all the 
help we can get over the next week to show our barnraising visitors just 
how active this town is and why we're such a media hotspot.

Volunteers for these tasks are needed to prepare for the barnraising.
* Email this message to anyone or any list that may be able to help
* WRFU Farmer's Market Booth -- the last one of the year! Sat. Nov. 5 
from 7am to noon -- contact Lynsee, Lynsee at illinoisalumni.org
* 9-noon this Saturday, Nov. 5, at the IMC -- workday to send out a 
final mailing, prepare the space to relocate the mailboxes on Sunday, etc.
We need HELP WITH:
- painting
- sending out mail invites to the barnraising
- picking up a freezer donation
- picking up food and supplies
- wiring phone and ethernet on the first floor
- moving furniture
- and more! Come to the loading dock door!
* Volunteer to assist IMC construction, shifts from 9am-1pm and from 
1-5pm on weekdays next week and a special session this Sunday from 
morning until 3pm -- contact Danielle, chyn at ojctech.com
* pick up food donations -- contact Molly, molly at ucimc.org if you have a 
* put up flyers and handbill -- contact Lynsee
* Wednesday, Nov. 9, -- staff IMC Shows booth on the UI Quad from 
11am-3pm -- Contact Jenny, jlstewar at cyrus.psych.uiuc.edu
* Volunteer to work on WRFU membership and training, contact John, 
phlegm at diymedia.net
* Volunteer to help with streaming and automation of WRFU

During the Barnraising
* Staff the registration tables -- The shifts will be 4 hours long
starting at 8AM Friday until at least midnight-4AM Saturday.  Saturday 
from 8AM till 8 or 9PM. Sunday 8AM till at least 6PM.  -- Contact Kevin, 
kopelman1 at yahoo.com
* Document the Barnraising for news and posterity -- contact Wendy, 
wedwards at uiuc.edu or just show up and Be the Media -- this is an IMC!
* Drivers, with vehicles or without
* Five to ten people especially needed to get things up and going on 
Friday, Nov. 11 starting in the morning

Local people attending the barnraising have a special $45 suggested 
donation for the barnraising, including meals. Remember that no one will 
be turned away due to financial considerations. You can register online at:
Or show up at the door, starting Friday morning, Nov. 11.

This will also be the grand opening of the IMC's new performance space, 
as well as the rest of the IMC's first floor, with a 5-band show for $5 
on Saturday, Nov. 12, from 7pm to midnite. Come by and check out the 
progress we've made as we party while continuing to build the station.

Then tune in to WRFU on 104.5 FM on Sunday at 5pm for the first 
broadcast and a sampler of all the great low-power community radio 
you'll be hearing on Radio Free Urbana.
Thanks for your help!
Mike Lehman

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