[CUWiN] Re: Hack Night @ IMC 6PM on April 19, 2006

dan blah dan.blah at gmail.com
Sat Apr 15 15:40:04 CDT 2006

Just a reminder about the upcoming hack night...

On 4/6/06, dan blah <dan.blah at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hey all,
> I don't know about you but I would like to see another hack night
> soon.  Following the National Summit for Community Wireless Networks
> that took place last weekend I know I have lots to talk about.  I
> think it would be a good to identify what people want to get out of
> their involvement with this project and hopefully find items they can
> participate in.  With the weather warming up and days lasting longer
> there is lots we are able to do outside with nodes to work on and
> clouds to connect.  Seth is talking about making a Menards run to
> build a biquad or two for our primestar dishes.  David has quite a few
> cool things going on with the CUWiN software development.  Wendy wants
> to work on sprucing up our documentation.  We are about to upgrade the
> IMC to a 6mbps downstream 1mbps upstream connection which means the
> mysterious media server is one step closer to getting out there.
> Don't forget, showing up gets you some free pizza and a free dose of
> geekness.  Please reply with what you would like to see at the next
> hack meeting.
> Here's the details:
> When: 6pm-??? on April 19, 2006
> Where: The IMC -- 202 South Broadway Ave. (AKA "The Post Office", AKA "The big
> neo-greco-old-federal-looking-building with the big pillars) -- enter through
> the main door.  Downtown Urbana.
> What: CUWiN Hack Night
> Who: CUWiN experts and neophytes, tech-geekery & Luddites, the wirelessly
> curious, interested & addicted.
> Please come, bring all things interesting.  RSVP if you'd like pizza.
> Hope to see you then!
> --
> Daniel


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