[CUWiN] Thank Seth... we now have an awesome server to play with!

dan blah dan.blah at gmail.com
Fri Apr 21 11:07:33 CDT 2006

4 550Mhz P3 Xeons
Hot swap everything (procs, pci, hdd, fans, power)
Redundant fans and power supplies

This thing is one loud betty, it makes that server room sound like a
real server room.  We have already moved it into the new server room
and will hopefully get it booted to FreeBSD sometime soon, which is
apparently a bit of a trip.  I haven't decided on exactly what
application it would be best suited for yet and hope to work that out
with you all on Saturday night.

Just a reminder, Saturday night the Boneyard Arts Festival will be
taking place in the main IMC shows space.  The front door of the
IMC/Post Office will not be used by them.  If you are wanting a good
geek dose and decide to head out to help us on Saturday night be sure
to come into the front door of the IMC/Post Office.  If you don't see
anyone down there, there is a good chance we are up in the new server
space.  This is up in the private offices of OJC and will require you
to knock loudly to unlock the door so we can let you in.  Oh and be
sure to thank Seth.

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