[CUWiN] Quick Intro...

daniel dan.blah at gmail.com
Sat Jan 21 01:23:55 CST 2006

Hey all,

Just wanted to introduce myself (cu local wifi wannabe guru with lots
of free time) and let you all know i am open to any invitations of
work that may need to be done with this project.  I *think* i have
fairly adept understanding of wlans/lans and associated utilities.  My
OS experience ranges from Plan9 (fun weekend) to the win32 OS's and
everything in-between with a sweet spot for OpenBSD and usually found
choosing FreeBSD (it's just so easy).  When it comes to software
development I am better at conceptualizing than actually doing
anything, although I want to work on that.  I have plenty of
developing practice but have never really gotten into a project I
really liked.  That's about it; let me know if and where I can help.
Daniel Meredith
Professional Geek
dan.blah at gmail.com

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