[CUWiN] Re: [IMC-Space] Hack Night Tonight...

Sascha Meinrath sascha at ucimc.org
Sun Jul 23 13:07:22 CDT 2006

dan blah wrote:
> just to remind everyone...

I will be there and will be bringing a micro-radio transmitter I'm building with 
Faith (think iPod as FM radio station in small pirate lunch box).  Sort of a 
different type of geekiness, but loads of fun all the same.  It still needs a 
couple hours of soldering work, but with some dedication, it could be finished 
off tonight.  This is a fully legal transmitter -- down the road, it will be 
_extremely interesting to set this up to accept a stream via the wireless 
network.  One could imagine, that with multiple microtransmitters spaced around 
a community, one could devise an entirely legal alternative FM infrastructure -- 
good for community access, emergency response, and just plain fun.  So come take 
a look at this very cool device -- a couple pictures of us building it here:



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