[CUWiN] [CUWiN Press Release] CUWiN Completes Port to Meraki Mini

Sascha Meinrath sascha at ucimc.org
Mon Oct 23 09:54:29 CDT 2006


The CUWiN Foundation is pleased to announce the completion of the initial port 
of its flagship software to the Meraki Mini (see http://www.meraki.net). 
Porting CUWiN's software to the Meraki Mini makes using CUWiNware even cheaper 
by dropping the price of CUWiNware wireless nodes from a few hundred dollars to 
$49. These nodes are perfect for wirelessing apartment buildings, office spaces, 
and neighborhoods.

Documentation on the port can be found at: http://cuwin.net/manual/howto/meraki

For more information contact:
Ross Musselman
ross at cuwin.net
Tel: +1(217)278-3933 x30


About CUWiN:  The CUWiN Foundation develops decentralized, community-owned 
networks that foster democratic cultures and local content. Through advocacy and 
through our commitment to open source technology, we support organic networks 
that grow to meet the needs of their community.  CUWiN has been developing mesh 
wireless technologies since 2000 and consists of scores of developers worldwide. 
  CUWiNware is currently in Beta -- documentation on CUWiN's technologies, 
projects, funding needs, and the International Summit for Community Wireless 
Networks is available online at: http://cuwin.net

You can join the VERY LOW TRAFFIC CUWiN announce list at:


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