[CUWiN] treating IPv4 as a carrier wave for IPv6 and using spread-spectrum for

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at lkcl.net
Tue Feb 27 16:08:17 CST 2007

dear CU wireless, and dear OpenVPN.

http://advogato.org/article/920.html outlines the reasons why it is
necessary to move up out of IPv4 and into IPv6, and it also hints
at the technology modifications and algorithms required to do that.

your respective projects contribute to a larger project.  they each
provide a critical part of the infrastructure needed to make the larger
project happen.

your input is therefore solicited to thrash this out into a proper
working paper, implementations etc., and it would be nice to have
some questions on the advogato list.

if you cannot post to advogato please create an account, contact me 
with a justification as to why i should Certify you (a url pointing
to web sites, google searches or other such relevance would do the
trick as a one-line justification) and i will do so.

if you do not _want_ to post to advogato then i will be happy to
relay your comments (anonymously if you wish) to the article, with
your permission of course.

one important thing: i'm very sorry, but i do have to say this.  some of
you may have already heard of me, and may be going 'oh my god, not
him again'.  two things: 1) read the article.  you will
see that it's too important an issue to go 'oh my god, not him
again'. 2) for various (nasty) reasons, but mostly due to my own
open-ness (called naivety by some), the dotcom boom that happened
to put stacks of wonga into free software people's pockets completely
went by me, and, despite many opportunities for people to correct these
oversights, the opportunities were not taken by the people who were
in a position to do so.

i therefore have to do proprietary software development in order to put
food on the table, and i do not have any time or money to give to you
which, given the utmost importance of this issue, i most certainly would
do, if i could.

therefore: any emails saying things like "well if you're so clever,
why don't _you_ implement this?" and "show me the code" will therefore
go down extremely badly - so don't do it.

read the article.

you're all technically-aware people who read slashdot or other news
outlets: you can blatantly see what's happening to the internet: it's
crumbling, defragmenting, being fought over and overloaded, and that's
why you (cu-wireless) are creating the infrastructure that you are -
to avoid those problems.

however, it's necessary to communicate not just locally but globally,
but without it being attacked.  and that's where OpenVPN comes in to

by treating IPv4 as just another carrier, and by applying
spread-spectrum techniques and randomising the relays, it's
possible to totally bypass the problems and begin again.

i _think_ it might even be possible to solve the problems of routing
between constantly-changing wireless mesh networks, by moving
the routing between meshes down on to multiple IPv4 relays.

so, any IPv4 relay that happens to be acessible by one of the wireless
meshes gets automatically added to the OpenVPN list of 'servers'
which perform routing to other wireless meshes.

good luck!


lkcl.net - mad free software computer person, visionary and poet.

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