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Sascha Meinrath sascha at aya.yale.edu
Tue Jan 16 06:39:40 CST 2007

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Hi Todd,

Todd Boyle wrote:
> Sasha's comments began at 1:05 in the mp3 file, at
> <http://www.freepress.net/conference/audio07/sa11-wireless.mp3>The
> Growth of Wireless Internet: From Community to Municipal to Corporate (L
> 14)
> http://www.freepress.net/conference/audio07/sa11-wireless.mp3
> Moderator: Dharma Dailey, The Ethos Group
> Harold Feld, Media Access Project
> Sascha Meinrath, CUWIN Champaign- Urbana Community Wireless Network
> Michael Lewis, Wireless Harlem Initiative
> Michael Calabrese, New America Foundation
> There are a great variety of talks, online at
> http://www.freepress.net/conference/=full_schedule07
> Excellent talk, thanks Sascha!  Was it videotaped?
> Are you going to post your powerpoint slides?

There were at least three video tapes in the audience (the room was fairly
packed).  I'm not sure where the tapes are.  Meanwhile, the slides from my talk
are available on my blog (www.saschameinrath.com).

> You're exactly on the right subject and it hasn't been said
> anywhere else at the NCMR conference, as far as I can see:
> the corrupt design of technical architecture by dominant
> corporations to maximize their own positions, at everybody
> else's expense.   There could be a whole conference on
> this topic alone, considering the history of ITU, ISO,
> EDI and countless other technical standards.  But the
> level of awareness of their own infrastructure is kind of
> insufficient among media activists,

I would very much like to see more discussion about these issues.  I'd also like
to see DRM discussed in more depth.  I feel like I was the lone voice at NCMR
talking about Windows VISTA and its incredible encroachment onto our rights
(under fair use laws).

In solidarity,

- --Sascha
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