[CUWiN] HSLS Behavior Question

Sanjai Narain narain at research.telcordia.com
Sat May 26 07:28:54 CDT 2007

Hi David: Thanks for your response. Does P<--Q mean just that P has 
heard a hello from Q, or also that Q's hello's neighbor list includes P? 
Thanks. -- Sanjai

> In a Hello packet, a node advertises only "in" links from adjacent
> routers, that is, a node P advertises all of the links
> P<--Q1
> P<--Q2
> ...
> P<--Qn
> in its Hello packets.
> When there are asymmetric links in the network, you may find that P
> advertises P<--Q1 in its Hellos, however, Q1 does not advertise Q1<--P.

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