[CUWiN] Approaches to start up a mesh wireless network

Todd Boyle tboyle at rosehill.net
Sat Aug 9 12:55:18 CDT 2008

Can anybody point me to any articles or outlines, of the
approaches to starting up a neighborhood wireless network
in a mixed, middle class suburb?   I don't even know how
to begin to do the outreach and marketing.  What is the
message?  And, what is the hardware/routing proposition?

What are the preconditions more conducive to success,
given that my neighborhood has well performing broadband
service from both cable and telco.

We have almost zero college age people around here, and
the ones we have seem to be conservative, low-energy kinds
of people.   We have substantial numbers of middle age, graying
people, but they seem to be living in a cable-TV world and
uninterested in internet.  The biggest demographic is families
with kids, we have a lot of elementary schools.  And these
families have substantial incomes from jobs like Microsoft,
Google, Boeing, or the FIRE industries.  In other words they
hate freedom and they know perfectly well what the P2P
networks are for.   i.e.  they actually want everybody to pay
cablecos and telcos, for exactly the same reason they want
everybody to pay taxes.   They hate us for our freedom,

I will guess that a 3rd broadband service is possible if it
performs at least at the megabit speed with low latency
and good reliability, and, they don't care what kind of
technology is on the roof?   I seem to be gravitating towards
a WISP turnkey type of system because of the likely, great
ranges of half a mile or more, between nodes and there
is heavy tree cover and hills, here,


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