[CUOA-Discuss] Announcing the Chambana Broadband Connection

Laura Allured laura at volo.net
Fri Nov 5 14:35:12 CDT 2010

Hello C-U community members -

I'm writing to let you know about a new forum for discussion and information
about broadband in Champaign-Urbana: The Chambana Broadband Connection, or
CBC, at http://connection.volo.net

We created the CBC to serve as an all-inclusive source for current news and
discussion about local and national developments and challenges in rolling
out better broadband. We'll start with a gentle introduction to the UC2B
project with frequent updates and occasional stories about interesting
broadband developments in other parts of the country. As we get the
resources, we'll also add broadband usage tips and tricks and, who knows,
maybe find a practical way to destroy the digital divide!

Check us out over the next few weeks, and join in the discussion!


P.S. You are getting this mail because you previously expressed some
interest in this topic; my apologies if you're no longer interested. If you
don't want further information about broadband in the community, do nothing!
Your email address will not be included in any mailing lists without your
consent, of course.

Laura Allured
Volo Broadband
Community Resources Advocate
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