[CWN-Summit] International Mailinglist for Freenets

Wolfgang Nagele mail at wnagele.com
Fri Jul 20 11:31:50 CDT 2007


one experience we've taken from the CUWiN Summit 2007[1] (Columbia,
MD) was, that there is a big lack of exchange on information in the
whole Freenet movement.

As a first step to avoid this in the near future we (FunkFeuer[2])
provide a Mailinglist[3] on which everyone interested in international
collaboration of Freenetworks and information exchange can subscribe
and participate.

We also would like to use this platform to launch a series of
international summits like the CUWiN summit in the states for europe.

To keep the barriers for information exchange as low as possible we
decided to make english the main list language.


PS: Please forward this mail to anyone probably interested, i've
already sent an invitation to all people of the CUWiN summit and
beyond that might be intersted.

[1] http://www.wirelesssummit.org
[2] http://www.funkfeuer.at
[3] http://lists.funkfeuer.at/mailman/listinfo/international

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