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> From: Aliza Dichter <liza at mediaactioncenter.org>
> Date: July 23, 2007 12:00:13 PM EDT
> To: activist at mediatank.org
> Cc: russellnewman at alum.mit.edu
> Subject: TUESDAY: Talk Broadband with Senator Durbin!
> Dear Allies,
> This week-- starting tomorrow night -- Tuesday, July 24th, Senator  
> Richard Durbin and his staff will be inviting public discussion and  
> hosting a live online conversation about the future of the internet  
> and 'broadband policy'.  This is a chance for you and people in  
> your community to talk directly with the Senator about what this  
> country's "broadband strategy" should be.
> Based on this week's online public discussions, the Senator will be  
> introducing a new bill on broadband (high-speed) internet policy.  
> The live blog discussion begins Tuesday at 7:00pm Eastern time. The  
> discussion will be about "net neutrality" and "broadband access" so  
> folks who care about community development and social justice and  
> equal access need to get on and tell the Senator what kinds of  
> media & networks the PEOPLE need.
> This is an opportunity for people who care about an open internet  
> that is affordable and accessible to all. We need to change the  
> frame of how politicians talk about internet access, talk about  
> programs and allocate resources to make sure ALL people have access  
> to the connections, networks, tools, technology and training that  
> they need.
> See below for more information and a letter from the Senator. For  
> more info or if you have questions, contact:  
> russellnewman at alum.mit.edu or stoller at gmail.com
> If you can participate, please go to OpenLeft.com to register to  
> use the blog. Then on Tuesday, July 24, (tomorrow), at 7pm Eastern)  
> log onto OpenLeft.com and tell the Senator what you and your  
> community need in terms of the future of the Internet.
> Please help and encourage your allies and neighbors and community  
> members to take part if you think this would be of interest & value.
> ~Aliza Dichter
> CIMA: Center for International Media Action
> ~~~~~~~~~
> Day 1, Tuesday July 24, will feature a live-blog with the Senator  
> where we'll be looking to lay out the big picture: how should we  
> think about broadband policy? How should we be looking at it  
> differently? What should the key principles for a national  
> broadband strategy be? It's a big-picture night and an opportunity  
> for folks to say what they're concerned about, as well as how they  
> think the Internet (and broadband overall) should operate in the  
> future.
> Day 2, Wednesday July 25, will focus on net neutrality and other  
> 'how the Web works' issues, but indeed, net neutrality will take  
> center stage. Organizers are hoping we find new frames, new  
> insights, and new directions for this debate.
> Day 3, Thursday, July 26, is going to be about municipal  
> infrastructure with an emphasis on the use of the public airwaves  
> to provide broadband. We'll talk iPhone politics, spectrum  
> auctions, and discuss models for municipal broadband and their  
> implications.
> Day 4, Friday, July 27, is going to be more about practicalities in  
> regards to the provision of infrastructure itself: public/private  
> partnerships, projects like UTOPIA and Fiber for the Future,  
> Connect Kentucky, and USF/USDA reform.

For everyone to whom much is given, of him shall much be required."  
-- Luke 12:48.

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