Brian Hagy bhagy at urbana.indymedia.org
Wed Jun 25 22:34:39 CDT 2003

Dear Friend,

A group of us here in Urbana, Illinois, who loved
Herbert Brun, are organizing a performance festival
for, from, and around him, Herbert Brun and His
Co-Conspirators. In the spirit of Herbert, we are
designing this festival as a celebration of both his
music and ideas, plus the ideas and music of his
teachers, students, friends, and colleagues.  The
Composition Division of the School of Music, UIUC, is
co-sponsoring the celebration.

This event will take place starting Thursday October
30, and ending Saturday evening, November 1, 2003. The
Baechli-Schneider Piano Duo from Germany/Switzerland,
the Cincinnati Percussion Group, and the U of I New
Music Ensemble are some of the invited performers.

The spirit of this festival is to show/make influences
and connections, and to have this happen in such a way
that Herbert will not be felt not as a past but as a
kick!---to take audacious courage in thought and in

Your presence would be very welcome. Welcome! In
between concerts there will be time to continue from
scratch, as Herbert would say---meet one another
again, have a drink, go for a walk, renew old
friendships, conspire towards new ones.

In addition, with your help, we would like to initiate
the Herbert Brun Society---a playfully serious society
(consisting of all of us) organized to encourage the
support and dissemination of HerbertÕs work and ideas.
The first assembling of this Society will take place
Saturday afternoon, November 1.

From you, we would like three things:
    1. Please confirm that you received this e-mail
    2. Send us your hard mail address, and phone
         number, for friendly postcard reminders.
    3. Let us know whether there is any possibility
         you might attend the events in the fall 2003.

Looking forward!

  Susan Parenti
  Marianne Brun
  Mark Enslin
  Brian Hagy

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