Martin Supper supper at udk-berlin.de
Fri Jun 27 03:38:57 CDT 2003

>    1. Please confirm that you received this e-mail

I received it

>    2. Send us your hard mail address, and phone number, for friendly
>postcard reminders.

Dr. Martin Supper 
Wilhelmshavener Str. 47
D-10551 Berlin

+49-(0)30-390 399 00 phone
+49-(0)30-390 399 01 fax 
supper at udk-berlin.de 

>    3. Let us know whether there is any possibility you might attend the
>events in the fall 2003.

I'm very sorry, but I have to be on an other conference as chair at the
same time. But I'm very happy to hear about the new Herbert Brun Society:
concratulations!. Herbert was one of my most important mentors.

With my best wishes
--- Martin Supper

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