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This message is for those of you who are not
from the Urbana-Champaign area, and who are
planning to come to the Brun Festival.
Everybody else can just delete this message
and forgive us the imposition. - M. Brun


The following two lodgings are willing to offer
you a few dollars off their regular rate, if you
mention, when making reservations, that you are
coming to attend (or participate in) an event at
School of Music of the University of Illinois:

Lincoln Lodge Motel
403 W. University        Singles:  $44.99
Urbana, IL 61801
Tel. 217/367-1111        Doubles:  $50.00
Fax: 217/367-8237

Continental Breakfast included.


Historic Lincoln Hotel (formerly JumerŒs Castle Lodge)
209 Broadway             Singles:  $60.-
Urbana, IL 61801
Tel. 217/384-8800        Doubles:  $65.-
Fax: 217/384-9001

This is a  hotel with restaurant, lounge,
indoor pool, satellite TV, etc.


If you are arriving by plane or train, please
let me know, and you will be picked up.

If you are coming by car, you will probably arrive
via Interstate 74 - get off at Lincoln Avenue
(exit 183 - for University of Illinois), drive
south and turn left on University Avenue (5th traffic
light, not counting the one on entering Lincoln Ave.),
after a few blocks you will reach the Lincoln Lodge
Motel (just beyond the Travelodge).  To get to the
Historic Lincoln Hotel, turn left at the next corner
(Race St.) and drive down a few blocks to Elm St.
(one block beyond Main St).  The hotel (and parking lot)
is located on Race between Elm and Green St. It is part
of Lincoln Square.  (Broadway address is for mail only).

The Travelodge almost next to the Lincoln Lodge Motel,
offers no special rates, but rooms cost about the same
or even a few dollars less.  The Travelodge, as well as
other motels, nearer to the Interstate or shopping center,
can best be booked through <www.lowestfare.com/hotel/>,
but donŒt then click on “flexible3 - there is no Urbana
hotel on “priceline3.

For further information, help, or special needs,
please contact me:

Marianne Brun
806 E. Washington
Urbana, IL 61801
Tel. 217/384-7657
Fax: 217/344-2128
e-mail: manni at snafu.de

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