[Hbrunsociety-l] program for Brun festival

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Fri Sep 26 19:06:48 CDT 2003

Here is the program for the Herbert Brun and Co-conspirators Festival
(with some details still to be filled in and subject to some alteration).
--Mark Enslin

Wed 10/29

11-12:30am Smith Recital Hall
  Percussion Group of Cincinatti open rehearsal

Thurs 10/30

3-4 Foellinger Great Hall
  "World Percussion"
public presentation by the Percussion Group of Cincinatti

7:30 Foellinger Great Hall
concert, Percussion Group of Cincinatti
More Dust with percussion (Brun) 12'
Breathing Piece
Paradiddle (May) 10'
floating hierarchies (Brun/Group)
Dressur (Kagel) 30'

afterwards, reception in Krannert lobby
  the Prince Myshkins (Rick Burkhardt, Andy Gricevich

Fri 10/31

10-11:30 Smith Recital Hall
  Composers Forum, Percussion Group of Cincinatti

1:30-3 Channing-Murray Foundation
  Panel discussion

4 Smith Recital Hall
  concert (66')
The Laughing Third (Brun) 4'
  Thomas Baechli, piano
Broken Sequences (Wolpe) 8'
songs (William DeFotis) 6'
  Constance DeFotis
moody moments (Brun) 5'
  Sylvia Smith, tympani
Deep Fork Variations (Magrill) 12'
  Sam Magrill, piano
Assonance (Verkade) 13'
  Gary Verkade, organ
Unentitled (Enslin) 18'
  Rick Burkhardt, Andy Gricevich
  piano & voice
Coming Up Sevens (Browning) 7'

7:30 Music Building Auditorium
in lobby:
Crockett (Rosenberg) 20'
  actor & tape (Enslin)
in the auditorium:
theater/perc pieces (Stuart Smith) 15'
text piece (Chris Mann)
In the Arms of Peril (Wyatt)
bass solo (Lund) 8'
  Michael Cameron
Frog Pool Farm (Scaletti) 7'
  Kyma 4-channel
Natura allo Specchio (Discipio) 9'
  2 perc, Kyma, 4-channel
Dante's Joynte (Gaburo) 6'
  six actors, 2-channel, 16mm film,

Sat 11/1

10:30-noon Smith 25 or Music Building Auditorium
  Composers Forum, Agostino Discipio

2-3:30 122 W. Franklin, U
  Brun Society meeting

7:30 Foellinger Great Hall
  concert w/ the Baechli-Schneider duo (76')
Nonet (Brun) 11'
  U of I New Music Ensemble, Steve Taylor
piano duo (Englert) 7'
piano duo (Keith Moore) 10'
Replica of the Multiplying Universe (Parenti) 10'
  piano duo
piano & percussion (Lipp) 15'
songs (Eisler, Weill, Brun) 10'?
  Audrey Luna, Al Otte
"at loose ends: (Brun) 13'
  U of I Percussion Ensemble, William Moersch

10pm OJC Office in Urbana (81')
new piece (Chandra)
Simulcast (Burkhardt) 18'
  Burkhardt & Gricevich
poetry (Holloway) 15'
talking to myself too (Mark Sullivan) 7'
The Alarmist (Jeff Glassman) 10'
  theater solo, text by Holloway
Exercise 4 for Hand Right Left and Deserted Mouth (Parenti) 5'
  Al Otte, Audrey Luna
Artaud piece (Tipei) 8'
  harp, drums, perc, voice

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