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Sun Feb 8 02:53:00 CST 2004

   1. Please confirm that you received this e-mail
   2. Send us your hard mail address, and phone
        number, for friendly postcard reminders.
   3. Let us know whether there is any possibility
        you might attend the events in the fall 2003.

Looking forward!

 Susan Parenti
 Marianne Brun
 Mark Enslin
 Brian Hagy

Hello dear friends... so happy to hear about the formation of the Herbert Brun Society... I am thrilled to get your invitation and I would be honored to be part of this work... as I indicAte to Susan, there is a possibility i could bring over some of the Illinois State Chamber Orchestra musicians to perform Nonet or something similar during that weekend.. i won't know until late August about scheduling, but would be excited to participate in some fashion..

Glenn Block

38 Parkshores Dr.
Bloomington, IL 61701
(309) 828-9993 - H
(309) 438-2540 - O

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