[Imc-basementkeys] This UCIMC list will be archived on 6/5/2016

Chris Ritzo critzo at chambana.net
Sun Jun 5 14:07:39 UTC 2016

´╗┐Hello imc-basementkeys subscribers!

The UCIMC Board is moving its email and lists from Chambana.net's Mailman service to Google groups on 6/5/2016. Inactive lists will be archived and active lists will be migrated.

imc-basementkeys is an inactive list and will be archived on 6/5/2016. This list will not be migrated to UCIMC's Google groups. 

The archive of messages prior to 6/5/2016 will continue to be available on chambana.net:

If you have questions or concerns with this change, please contact an IMC staff or board member.

Please note that the Chambana.net community hosting platform is not going away. All non-UCIMC listservs and other hosted services will continue to operate via Chambana.net. For more information about Chambana.net's history and current status, please read Josh King's recent post to the IMC list: 


Chris Ritzo
-- UCIMC Tech / Chambana.net Tech Working Group

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