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Brian Hagy bhagy at onthejob.net
Mon Oct 8 14:07:07 CDT 2001

can anyone help this guy (he's needing a ride from toronto to urbana)?


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are any of you folks going to toronto and if so could i hitch
a ride back from toronto to attend the grassroots convergence
in urbana.  yes, being laid-off gives one ample time to network.



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>howdy tech folks in seattle.
>my name is Brian Hagy. I'm one of the coordinators for an upcoming
>imc/grassroots media gathering to be held in urbana, illinois
on October
>19-21 (Friday-Sunday).
>i'm writing to you (with the knowledge that you all are probably
>busy) to actually invite you to this event.
>yes, i realize it's in the middle of central illinois.  not
so convenient
>for you all to just up and come.  we sent word of this event
to the
>seattle imc a while back and haven't heard any response (if
you all are as
>busy as we are, then the silence is quite understood).  however,
part of
>the focus of this gathering will be to figure out ways to network
>share resources between imcs/grassroot medias.  one idea proposed
is to
>figure out ways to help pull some of the imc pages off of your
all server
>and try to get them locally based (or some alternative).  given
>possiblity of a FBI/CIA retaliation against the imcs, it probably
>such a wise idea to have a significant number of imcs based
off the
>seattle server.  this particular concern is why i personally
would love to
>have you all have some sort of presence in the festival.  thus,
if i may
>suggest, if you cannot attend in person, if you could email
me proposals
>that you all may have fantasized or even discussed about dealing
with this
>issue (i'm assuming of course that you have thought about this
>and i could enter them into the discourse during the gathering.
 also, if
>you cannot attend and would like to send information you consider
>to setting up a server, please do so.
>i've gotta run to our imc steering focus group meeting.  i hope
the above
>makes some sort of sense.  if not, please feel free to email
me back for
>further clarification (or see our website for scant details
about the
>thanks, and i hope to hear from someone soon, so i can start
>things here.
>brian hagy
>outreach spoke
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