[Imc-midwest-regional] forming a midwest regional IMC:

Sascha Meinrath meinrath at urbana.indymedia.org
Wed Oct 31 05:25:09 CST 2001

on the new-imc list it recently came up that Jaime and Chris have asked 
about forming a midwest.indymedia.org site.  i thought this is something 
that should be talked about on our list.  if you're not already on this 
e-mail list, or know of others who should be on this list but are not, 
please get (them) signed up.

 > A proposed new IMC is being requested.
 > Details are as follows:
 > Proposed IMC Name:    midwest.indymedia.org
 > Contact Name:         Jaime Bailey
 > Email:                songbird96 at lycos.com
 > Phone:                918-458-0439
 > City:                 Tahlequah
 > State:                OK
 > Country:              USA
 > Tech Contact Name:    Chris Bryant
 > Tech Contact Email:   chris at urbandiscourse.com
 > Tech Contact Phone:   918-592-2317
 > Critical Dates:

i'd like to hear more about the idea, and know more about what people think 
about the idea.  this is one of the first times when an umbrella IMC 
proposal will encompass more local IMCs and should probably be given a lot 
of thought.

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