[Imc-midwest-regional] finalizing the beginning

Brian Hagy bhagy at onthejob.net
Sun Sep 16 11:36:54 CDT 2001

howdy folks.  so, after a few emails from here and there, it sounds as if
the weekend of October 19-21 is perfect for the first midwest gathering.

So here's a plan for that weekend, feel free to amend as desired.

Friday, October 19:  folks begin pouring into the streets of Urbana,
Illinois.  A welcoming conversation and performance begins around 6 or so,
with dinner?  8 pm starts an active training session on how to use various
equipments (minidiscs, digital cameras and digital video cameras, etc.)
plus some useful pointers on recording techniques and interviewing
techniques.  We conclude the nite with dancing in the halls (or sleeping).

Saturday, October 20:  9 am, we offer breakfast stuff.  10-1, we offer
various workshops and conversations which emphasize things useful for each
imc and other grassroots media to employ and tinker with within their
respective communities.  Thus the morning is dedicated to things which
help build each media site individually.  Such things offered could be:
how to get a 501(c)(3) status, how to get funding, how to get equipment,
	The afternoon, say, 3-6, would then focus of workshops and
conversations which emphasize things useful for networking all of us
together.  Thus, helping to build the indymedia movement as a whole.  Such
topics could include: getting all the imcs independent of seattle,
discussions of web design (making "our" imc webpages easier to
understand), improving communication and conversations between imcs and
other indymedias (especially during critical moments, such as during
direct actions, protests, and other large events), and public performance
of indymedia (getting people to know about and respect the idea of
independent media).
	The nite could be used for performances, talking, creating, and
any other useful activities to help amuse ourselves.

Sunday, October 21: this day would be used to continue discussions and
activities brought up on saturday.  the morning would be emphasized, so
that those who need to travel long distances to get back home could do so
after any wrap ups.  this is not to say that other stuff couldn't occur in
the afternoon.  i just prefer that things which should involve everyone
are set up to do that.

As i said, please feel free to amend the proposal above.  It's a rough
outline created from all the emails i've received about what people would
like to talk about.  if i've missed something, please feel free to yell,
shout, wink, and even blow a kiss in my direction.  and again, the above
is only an outline.  the closer we get to the weekend, the more specific
the schedule will become.

My plan is to give everyone a week to respond to this email.  Then, next
sunday, i will send out formal invitations to as many midwest (and beyond)
imc's and other indymedias as i can find.

also, any thoughts about stuff like registration, costs, etc?  my thought
is that people should register so that we here in urbana can have a sense
of how many people are coming, and that the gathering be open to even
those who don't register.  and since there will be food offered, a small
sliding scale fee of say $10-$100 be suggested.

comments are greatly appreciated.


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