[Imc-midwest-regional] Gathering Ideas for IMC Regional Gathering

Danielle Chynoweth chyn at onthejob.net
Wed Sep 26 01:29:16 CDT 2001

Howdy folks,

My name is Danielle Chynoweth and I am an organizer and news producer at
the Urbana IMC.

The following are things I would like to discuss at the Midwest Regional
Gathering of IMCs October 19-21.  I follow it with "offers" I can host at
the gathering.  Of course, my list longer than what we can accomplish, but
consider it brain food.

I encourage others to make lists of topics they are interested in and
things they can teach/host and post them to this list to help us plan the
upcoming event.

I look forward to meeting all of you!

- danielle

1. How to support the creation and sustenance of IMCs in the
region: such as will traveling IMC barn raisings or workshops

2. Creative news production - how to provide an alternative to the
mainstream news in both FORM and CONTENT.

3. Together becoming regional providers of news of national relevance for
shows such as Free Speech Radio News, Making Contact, WINGS, etc.  That
is, coordinating our efforts so that regional "big" stories are
consistently covered and distributed by indy reporters.

4. Contributing news to each other's media production outlets such as
print, radio, and video.

5. Swapping info such as:
- structures IMCs use to produce collaborative work like a regular news
- how are you archiving your work?
- how are you getting people in the community to see themselves
and contribute as reporters without necessarily becoming core IMC
- how to create, maintain, and share archives and background information
used for producing pieces.

6. How to help the growth of the IMC movement feed youth liberation and
visa versa.

1. How to design web sites
2. How to produce a radio show start to finish
3. How to submit headlines or features to Free Speech Radio News
4. How to use a portable minidisk recorder
5. How to faciliate a consensus based meeting
6. Youth produced radio

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