[Imc-midwest-regional] Re: [New-imc] Help with New U.S. IMCs:

Brian Hagy bhagy at urbana.indymedia.org
Sat Mar 30 16:15:56 CST 2002

Hey, Jay.  This is Brian from the UCIMC.  With myself who grew up in
Michigan, I'd definitely consider Michigan (and Cleveland) to be part of
the midwest (the fringes of it, perhaps, but definitely a part of it).
I'm think it would be useful if they were on it, so that better
coordination on events (coverage of various protests or significant
events) could happen, or just general advice on how to be sustainable in
the midwest political and economic environments could be discussed.


On Fri, 29 Mar 2002, Jay wrote:

> Great, Sascha!
> Do you think you and the imc-midwest list would be able to help with Cleveland
> and Michigan?  Josh <breitbart at riseup.net>, previously from New York and now
> from Ann Arbor, who we both know, has been participating in the Michigan
> process and is enthusiastic, so communicating with him about how that's going.
> The Michigan group has already sent their membership criteria responses, so I
> think they're only a couple steps away.  I think they should go forward.
> I'm really glad the Cleveland group felt the need to go through the new-imc
> process.  They'll be stronger because of it, I think.  Since they're a bit less
> far along in the process than Michgan, I think they should be able to wait for
> a couple weeks while we figure out our improved new-imc process.
> Let me know if Cleveland and Michigan sound as if they'd be up your alley.
> Jay
> At 08:45 AM 03/27/2002 -0600, Sascha Meinrath wrote:
> >Hi Jay, Patrick, Stav, et al.,
> >
> >I've been helping various IMCs here in the Midwest (and sometime beyond)
> >get established for awhile now and would be happy to continue doing so.
> >So my invitation is that if folks from Midwestern IMCs would like some
> >pointers, have questions about the New IMC process, or just want some
> >support getting up and running, feel free to contact me.
> >
> >Also, for Midwestern IMCs, there is a listserve that was set up after the
> >regional IMC gathering the Urbana-Champaign IMC held last October:
> >http://lists.cu.groogroo.com/cgi-bin/listinfo/imc-midwest-regional
> >
> >There are representatives from multiple IMCs on this list and many folks
> >would be more than willing to share skills and lend support to help get
> >Cleveland IMC (and others) jump-started.  Any folks who would like to join
> >the list are welcome to do so.
> >
> >In solidarity,
> >
> >--Sascha Meinrath
> >Urbana-Champaign IMC
> >
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