[Newspoetry] There could be one thing that could make Bin Laden subvert

charles joseph smith cjsmith2 at students.uiuc.edu
Mon Oct 8 08:05:37 CDT 2001

This newspoem is called "How to Stop Bin Laden--My Way"
This is in response to the recent military strikes now happening in

The poem goes just like this:

One thing that would stop
Osama Bin Laden,
His Taliban,
And his Al-Qaeda Network,

Instead of using military sorties and air strikes
Like they are happening now,
The U.S. should use some
Psychological warfare.
That's right--psychological warfare.
As you may know,
Blaring rock music was used
In Panama
To kick out
The despot a.k.a. Manuel Noriega.

The same should be done
In Afghanistan.
Instead of Stingers, B-52s, Stealths and Tomahawks,
The U.S. should put loudspeakers
All around Afghanistan's terror spots and terror training camps,
And other Afghanstani places where
The Taliban
And the Al-Queda thrive.
Then, once set up,
They should sound out an unusual cacaphony.
The shout "GOIN' GUIDANCE FOUR FLEERLIN" should be blared
In some way like a musical canon.
The speakers should be blared to
An ear-shattering
110 decibels.
These words sound so, so, outrageous, without any sort of meaning,
That it is very, very funny--
This should make Bin Laden laugh so much
That his anti-American sentiments will fade away not only in Iran,
But the entire world.
His attitude towards Anti-American retaliation will fade away with him,
And the same it will be to his Taliban soldiers,
And his Al-Queda extremists,
And all others who are factions of the Al-Queda.

And if they were to do it, I would be the happiest guy...
And famous...
In the entire world.

Charles Joseph Smith

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