[Newspoetry] benedictator? [with apologies to Nash]

John Newmark gavroche at gmail.com
Wed Apr 20 18:23:24 CDT 2005

Attacks on Joey

Some might say 
it's darkly ironic
Benedict was chosen
on the 62nd anniversary
according to the Roman calendar
of the Warsaw Ghetto Rebellion.

Considering Benedict
when he was known by all
perhaps, as Joey
avoided Hitler's service
until it became compulsory:
Join - or go 
to a concentration camp

Considering Joey's Dad
was known to be anti-Hitler
and probably passed this on

a couple years later
at the age of seventeen
Joey risked his life
through desertion

he claims
never to have fired a gun
(a claim which admittedly
can't be proven
one way or another)

I prefer to attack him
for involving himself
in US politics
by encouraging US Churches
to deny Kerry communiton.

I prefer to attack him
for saying Buddhism
is spiritual masturbation

I prefer to attack him
for his actions
as an adult.

For as a kid,
he did more
than I may have had the courage to do.

John Newmark
gavroche at gmail.com

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