[Peace] Transnational Seminar Isam al Khafaji on US experimentation withIraq, Friday 3/30, 3 pm, Levis

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Transnational Seminars

Sociology ● Geography ● Global studies ● Gender and women ●

Urban and regional planning

March 30 2007, Friday 3 pm

Levis Center, Third Floor

Isam al Khafaji

Visiting professor Yale University



Forced to leave teaching at Iraqi universities in the late 1970s, Isam al
Khafaji lived in Lebanon and France and taught at the Universities of
Amsterdam and New York, was a distinguished visiting scholar at Brown and
New York Universities and served as a senior expert for UNDP and advisor to
the World Bank. In 2002 he joined US State Department workshops on the
“Future of Iraq” and later served as an advisor to the Coalition
Provisional Authority in Baghdad until July 2003 when he resigned in protest
at the US policies in handling Iraq. Between 2003 and late 2005 he directed
the “Iraq Revenue Watch” project at the Open Society Institute in New York
and in May-July 2004 he was the sole Iraqi full-time advisor to the UN envoy
who supervised Iraq’s transition to sovereignty. In spring 2007 he is a
visiting professor at Yale University. Al Khafaji is an adjunct scholar at
the Middle East Institute in Washington DC and contributing editor of Middle
East Report. His most recent book is the scholarly work Tormented Births:
Passages to Modernity in Europe and the Middle East (I.B. Tauris, London,

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