[ProParents] Webinar: Learning About CRM

Matthew Kallas matthew.kallas at online.intelestream.net
Mon Mar 16 11:15:53 CDT 2009

Your invitation to join our webinar:

Everything you always wanted to know about CRM
(But Were Afraid to Ask)
Thu, Mar 19, 2009
No cost to attendees, but space is limited. Sign up here:

Intelestream's Chief Operating Officer Richard Baldwin will
address five key aspects of CRM with which all businesses should
be familiar:

- Defining CRM and why businesses use it
- CRM processes involving sales, marketing, customer support,
e-commerce, and reporting
- Implementation best practices and encouraging user adoption
- Customizations, maintenance, and enhancement
- Overview of the CRM marketplace: matching specific business
needs with the right CRM platform

There will be a question and answer session focusing on the
specific business case scenarios of attendees.

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