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我有新的電郵地址!你現可電郵給我:dr.grahamd at yahoo.com.hk

- Dear Friend, Please can we use your Bank account to receive this funds from Crude oil sales commission by one Mr.George David Bell of Opus Group Inc. He facilitated the sales our crude oil to Chinese Oil & Gas Company in 2008 and his commission to be paid is 50, Cents per a barrel, for 4 barrels monthly on a year contract with Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC). His unpaid sales commission before he died early year by Air Crash was total sums of $24.000.000 which is awaiting payment now, but because we can’t reach his family’s contact, since his death, and all efforts to trace his people has proved completely abortive. Please, note that I can not come out so openly in the passages or corridors in the process of this payment, because of my position in the office but I can issue out instructions that help to process the said payment approval to your Bank account. We shall grant you 30% of the said amount as your compensention and you will keep the balance safe for me until I arrange on what I will invest with my shares. Please oblige me immediately with your full details, so that we can start as soon as possible because the funds can be transfered to your Bank account within the next 21 working days from the you provide me with your informations Much regards, Dr. Graham Douglas Esq. Crude Oil Marketing Dept (COMD) Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC

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