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List Description
217mafia-gaming 217mafia gaming group
217mafia-hitlist Weekly listing of local electronic music events
AAM-Advisors [no description available]
Aap-cab AAP Members - CAB
Acoustic Acoustic Music Collective
Ajtu [no description available]
Art-happenings A monthly notice of art happenings by Sandra Ahten
Aware-co [no description available]
Aware-tech Anti-War, Anti-Racism Effort (AWARE) Technology
Bikecoop Bike Project Co-op member discussion list
Bikecoop-announce Low traffic list announcing Bike Coop activities - open to members & non-members
Bikecoop-keyholders [no description available]
Bikecoop-mechanics Mechanics and apprentice mechanics at The Bike Project co-op repair shop
Bikecoop-members Current Bike Project co-op members
bikecoop-staff Low-Med traffic list w/ topics for current staff of The Bike Project co-op.
Billionaires The Champaign (and Caviar) Chapter of Billionaires for Bush (or Gore)
Bod-fundraising [no description available]
Boneyard Boneyard Arts Festival Coordinating Committee
Boston-wifi-party [no description available]
Brun-Society [no description available]
Cajun-Organizer Urbana-Champaign Cajun events Organizing committee
Cajun-Zydeco Urbana-Champaign Cajun/Creole/Zydeco Music Fans
Cblit [no description available]
Cerrv Coordinated Effort for the Reporting of Rights Violations
CGFC Common Ground Food Coop
CGFC-discuss Common Ground Food Coop Discussion
Chambana-info Moderated list for new / potential users
Chambana-misc Misc. banter hopefully somewhat related to
Chambana-secure Private list for security issues on
Chambana-users Announce list for sysadmins and users.
CHANGES Information about living a healthy lifestyle from Sandra Ahten
Chynoweth-campaign Danielle Chynoweth for Urbana City Council
Commotion-admin [no description available]
Commotion-android The Commotion Wireless Mobile Development List
Commotion-announce The Commotion Wireless Announcement List
Commotion-dev The Commotion Wireless Developers' List
Commotion-discuss The Commotion Wireless Discussion List
Community The IMC Community-Connections Working Group's email list.
CommunityMediation Community Conflict Mediation Training
CPRB The Coalition for Citizen Police Review
Critical-mass Champaign-Urbana Critical Mass
CU-Blues Champaign-Urbana Blues Music Fans
Cu-fairvote [no description available]
CU-Movies C-U @ the Movies
CU-Queerstock Organizing a Queerstock Event in Champaign-Urbana
CU-Smokefree C-U Smokefree Alliance discussion
CU-Smokefree-Announce C-U Smokefree Alliance announcements
CU-Wireless Champaign-Urbana Community Wireless Network (CUWiN) General Discussion.
CU-Wireless-Advisors Champaign-Urbana Community Wireless Network (CUWiN) Advisors.
CU-Wireless-Alert Champaign-Urbana Community Wireless Network (CUWiN) Network Status.
CU-Wireless-Announce Champaign-Urbana Community Wireless Network (CUWiN) Announce List -- VERY LOW TRAFFIC.
CU-Wireless-Dev Champaign Urbana Community Wireless Network (CUWiN) Active Developers.
CU-Wireless-Install Champaign-Urbana Community Wireless Network (CUWiN) Installation Team.
CU-Wireless-Policy Champaign Urbana Community Wireless Network (CUWiN) Policy Wonks.
CUmysteries Champaign-Urbana Mystery School Group
CUOA-Announce Champaign-Urbana Open Access Announce List
CUOA-Discuss Champaign-Urbana Open Access Discuss List
CWN-Summit International Summit for Community Wireless Networks Participant E-mail List
Dna-discuss [no description available]
Dryerase A news syndication / sharing wire for independent newspapers.
EclecticSeizure A radioshow on WEFT 90.1 FM
FoodNotBombs Food Not Bombs -- Supporting Mastication, Not War, Since 2004.
FriendsofBill E-mail Contact List for Coordination of Community Support for Bill.
Gas Groogroo Application Server
Gcap [no description available]
Gghc-discuss [no description available]
GIO-Muni Get Illinois Online Municipal Support E-mail List.
GRC Grassroots Radio Conference
Grc-announce GRC2012 Announcement
Grc-organizers [no description available]
Haunted [no description available]
Hbrunsociety-discuss [no description available]
Hbrunsociety-l [no description available]
Heuna Historic East Urbana Neighborhood Association
Homeowners [no description available]
IMC Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center
Imc-10-years [no description available]
Imc-artists [no description available]
Imc-basementkeys [no description available]
Imc-bodissue UCIMC Ad-Hoc Working Group to Discuss Board Member Responsibilities
Imc-bookkeeper UC IMC Internal Finance Discussion List
Imc-calendar [no description available]
IMC-Capital UCIMC Capital Campaign
IMC-Climate UCIMC Climate Focus Group
Imc-costumecloset [no description available]
IMC-Emergency UCIMC Crisis Management Team
Imc-events UCIMC weekly announcement list.
Imc-fiscalissue UCIMC Ad-Hoc Working Group to Discuss Fiscal Sponsorship Language
IMC-Fundraising UCIMC Finance Working Group
Imc-gallery An announcements list for the IMC's Middle Room Gallery
IMC-Girls a program to make education and involvement available to girls and young women
Imc-girlscore core group of imc-girls
Imc-gmk [no description available]
IMC-Grantwriters List for Coordinating the Urbana-Champaign's Grant-Writing Team
Imc-hosting Community Web Hosting
IMC-Info UCIMC Question Answerers
Imc-keycode [no description available]
Imc-librarians UCIMC Librarians Focus Group
IMC-Listening-Party [no description available]
Imc-litbl UCIMC Life in the Bike Lane
Imc-makerspace Makerspace Urbana
Imc-mediation List for UCIMC conflict resolution coordination & support.
Imc-members Announce-only list of all IMC members
Imc-membership Discussion of IMC membership issues
Imc-midwest-regional List for Regional Communication between Midwestern IMCs
Imc-newspace UCIMC Building Buying/Leasing Ad-Hoc Working Group
Imc-newsroom UCIMC News Stories and Headlines
Imc-outreach UCIMC Outreach Focus Group
Imc-print UCIMC Print and Publishing Group
Imc-production UC-IMC Production Group
Imc-production-keystaff Holders of master keys/codes for the IMC's production lab.
Imc-radio IMC Radio News Group
imc-security imc-security discussion list - defunct
IMC-Shows IMC Shows Group
Imc-shows-cm [no description available]
IMC-Shows-Finance [no description available]
IMC-Space UCIMC Space Focus Group
Imc-summaries UCIMC News Summaries
Imc-supervisors [no description available]
IMC-Tech Tech Focus Group
Imc-tenants [no description available]
IMC-US Working Group for IMC-US.
IMC-US-Editorial [no description available]
IMC-US-Tech Tech Group for IMC-US
Imc-video UCIMC Video Interest Group
IMC-Web UCIMC website work
Imc-web-editor [no description available]
Imcamericorps [no description available]
Imcfest-core [no description available]
IMCfest-Performers A email list for perfomers at IMC Fest
IMCfest-Planning [no description available]
IMCfest-Tech Technical group behind the IMCfest
IMCfest-Volunteers IMCfest 2007 Volunteer Coordination List
Imcfilmfest [no description available]
Imsahp-users Users of Zach's Server
Lcw Lady Chamberlain's Women: Free Shakespeare in the Park
Livingwage Living Wage
lynx random links
MADCo [no description available]
Mailman [no description available]
Makerfaire-discuss Discussion list for UC Mini Maker Faire Organizers
Makerspace-keymembers [no description available]
N3 An E-mail List of the November 3, 2004 Community Meeting Participants.
Newspoetry Newspoetry is an alternative online news source.
Noise Noiz Assembly
nycsummer-outreach NYC Summer Contact Address
OccupyCU-Discuss Discussion list for OccupyCU
OccupyCU-Organize Internal organizing list for OccupyCU
OCU-Outreach Occupy CU Outreach
OSWC-Core [no description available]
Oswc-general [no description available]
OSWC-Support Open Source Wireless Coalition Support List
Paper-column youth written column for the paper
Peace Anti-War, Anti-Racism Effort (AWARE) News
Peace-action Anti-War, Anti-Racism Effort (AWARE) Action
Peace-discuss Anti-War, Anti-Racism Effort (AWARE) Discussion
Peace-political Seeking a Non-Violent Response to Recent Terrorism through Political Action
PeoplesPotluck Central Illinois Social Forum and related organizing
Pgp-test [no description available]
Pofm [no description available]
Prairiegreens Prairie Greens of East Central Illinois (discussion)
Prairiegreens-action Prairie Greens of East Central Illinois (action)
Prairiegreens-news Prairie Greens of East Central Illinois (news)
Prairiegreens-org Prairie Greens of East Central Illinois (organizing)
Prairiegreens-uiuc Campus Greens at the University of Illinois
Prairiegreens-volunteer Volunteer list for Champaign County Green Party Campaigns
ProParents Events and Discussion for Progressive Parents in C-U and environs
Radical-cheerleaders [no description available]
Rcempowerment-discuss [no description available]
RFU Radio Free Urbana mail list
rfu-automation rfu automation, traffic, and music
Rfu-barnraising [no description available]
Rfu-emergency For communication between WRFU emergency contacts
Rfu-finance WRFU Budget/Fundraising Working Group
rfu-membership RFU Membership and Training
Rfu-outreach Fundraising and Outreach effort
Rfu-schedule Administrative list for WRFU schedule working group
Rfu-station RFU Official Station Communications
rfu-tech RFU Technical
Rnc-cu U-C Against the RNC
Rnc-nyc Chambana Folks Going to RNC-NYC
Smile-announce periodic Smile Healthy radio show and event announcements
Smile-discuss Improve local dental care access.
Studiospace [no description available]
Tbtn Take Back The Night
TMF Tactical Media Fund
TMF-Advisors List for advisors for the Tactical Media Fund.
TMF-OpenEditing TMF: Open-Editing Coordination List.
Trees IPCUTSOT General Membership
Trees-bn IPCUTSOT Bloomington-Normal
Trees-chairs IPCUTSOT Chairs
Trees-executive IPCUTSOT Executive Committee
Trees-fundraising IPCUTSOT Fundraising Committee
Trees-legal IPCUTSOT Legal Committee
Trees-mobilization IPCUTSOT Mobilization Committee
Trees-outreach IPCUTSOT Outreach and Membership Committee
Trees-research IPCUTSOT Research and Education Committee
uc-makerfaire-organizers [no description available]
UC-Oddmusic Announcements for upcoming Oddmusic-UC events & programs.
UC-ODDMUSIC-discuss Discussion list for organizing Oddmusic events & programs.
UCDnB-admin [no description available]
ucprogressives Announcement List for the Urbana-Champaign Progressive Coalition.
ucprogressives-discuss Discussion for UC Progressives
UICVM-Progressives UI College of Veterinary Medicine progressives
VEYA Visionaries Educating Youth and Adults
Vip-artsoutreach Volunteer Illini Projects
Vip-bestbuddies Volunteer Illini Projects
Vip-blood Volunteer Illini Projects
Vip-communityjustice Volunteer Illini Projects
Vip-daycare Volunteer Illini Projects
Vip-environmental Volunteer Illini Projects
Vip-everyone Volunteer Illini Projects
Vip-friendship Volunteer Illini Projects
Vip-healthneeds Volunteer Illini Projects
Vip-hh Volunteer Illini Projects - H&H
Vip-i-vote Volunteer Illini Projects
Vip-pr Volunteer Illini Projects
Vip-recreation Volunteer Illini Projects
Vip-seniorcitizens Volunteer Illini Projects
Vip-socialempowerment Volunteer Illini Projects
Vip-specialprojects Volunteer Illini Projects
Vip-tutoring Volunteer Illini Projects
Volunteers OVP Weekly Volunteer E-mail List
Volunteers-arc-blood American Red Cross Blood Donor Notification List
Volunteers-cbsi-blood CBSI Blood Donor Notification List
Volunteers-Summer List for Summer Volunteer Opportunitities.
Weftp WEFT Programming Committee
Wireless-ghana-discuss wg
WVW Wireless Visionaries Workshop Participant List.

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