[Commotion-discuss] Flashing Commotion v1 wired....Funny

Anderson Walworth anderson at alliedmedia.org
Tue Jan 14 21:49:53 UTC 2014

Put pico in tftp mode
set static ip on mac
logged into terminal
flashed router Commotion V1.0 factory image  via ethernet cable
after reboot I can not log in to configure.
I get  "host is down" error when I try to ping,

The same thing happened with the Nano stations I tried to flash.

Once I changed *my static IP to DHCP *I was able to login and configure via

I swear In the past you could configure commotion via ethernet with a
static IP….. I thought I had bricked a couple routers ; )

Hope this helps someone.


Allied Media Projects
Detroit Digital Justice Coalition
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