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Grady Johnson grady at opentechinstitute.org
Tue Jan 14 22:12:01 UTC 2014

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Thanks Anderson for pointing this out.

Yes, in earlier versions you could log back onto a node using the
static IP, but that was back when we were still using the
192.168.x.x address range.

Now the process is:
Flash the node using the static ip
Reset your ethernet port to use DHCP
Wait for a lease from the router (you should get an ip address in the
10.x.x.x range)
Once you're connected with a lease, type "thisnode" (no quotation
marks) into the browser.

There were a lot of substantive changes between DR2 and Version 1, and
our documentation is still being updated to match.

By all means, please share any similar issues in the software or the
documentation that you find.

Thanks again!


On 01/14/2014 04:49 PM, Anderson Walworth wrote:
> Put pico in tftp mode set static ip on mac logged into
> terminal flashed router Commotion V1.0 factory image  via ethernet
> cable after reboot I can not log in to configure. I get  "host is
> down" error when I try to ping,
> The same thing happened with the Nano stations I tried to flash.
> Once I changed *my static IP to DHCP *I was able to login and
> configure via ethernet.
> I swear In the past you could configure commotion via ethernet with
> a static IP….. I thought I had bricked a couple routers ; )
> Hope this helps someone.
> Anderson
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