[Commotion-discuss] Send mesh routes to upstream router

Christopher Munz-Michielin christopher at ve7alb.ca
Mon Jul 4 21:45:09 UTC 2016

Hi All,

Just starting to play around with the Commotion firmware as I'm part of 
a group of ham radio operators looking at starting a localized mesh 
using ubiquiti M2's.  So far I'm impressed by the firmware but did have 
one question: Is it possible to run a dynamic routing protocol (such as 
OSPF, BGP or RIP) to send information about the connected mesh devices 
to an upstream router?  Our architecture would be something like this:

Internet------------Edge Router---------------Mesh 
node-------------------Additional mesh nodes-----------local subnet
                         Non mesh network

I can add static routes to the edge router, but doing so would be 
cumbersome and potentially time consuming, especially if we are adding 
new nodes frequently so a dynamic protocol would be preferred.


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