[Cu-wireless] 12/9/2001 meeting

David Young dyoung at onthejob.net
Sun Dec 9 20:15:16 CST 2001

Today we

    * built 4 "collectors" for Pringles can antennas
    * ate lots of Pringles
    * tried to get Sascha's Lucent PCI to PC Card adapter
      to install in Windows 95
    * tried to get Sascha's laptop to talk to Mike Lehman's
    * tested side-lobe strength with the Pringles can antennas

Sascha's PCI to PC Card adapter frustrated at least three people's
attempts to make it work: Sascha's, Clint's, and Dave's. We followed the
instructions in the README and on the paper documentation, we tried to
install the card as a Texas Instruments PCI 1410 bridge, and we diddled
around in all different ways and it wouldn't work.  Next steps are to
try Peter Folk's Vadem-based ISA to PC Card adapter, and to try Sascha's
PCI adapter in another computer.

We suspect that Sascha's laptop has driver problems or something, and
that is why it has not yet connected with any other laptop. The signal
strength meter works, though.

I am not able to report on the side-lobe strength since I did not
participate in that testing.

Seems like there is more we did this afternoon. Someone else want to
write it down?


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