[Cu-wireless] 12/9/2001 meeting

stephane_alnet at ureach.com stephane_alnet at ureach.com
Wed Dec 12 19:19:57 CST 2001

On Sun, 9 Dec 2001, David Young wrote:

> I am not able to report on the side-lobe strength since I did not
> participate in that testing.

Testing was mostly inconclusive with 45 degrees on the right giving better
signal strength than straight ahead, and straight ahead giving results
within a +/-10dB range (i.e. useless); only conclusion was that you don't
want to be at 60 degrees from the axis of the antenna because signal level
dropped to zero (aka below noise level, I guess).

But that might just have been interferences from the grill. ;D

> Seems like there is more we did this afternoon. Someone else want to
> write it down?

Not that I remember. We surely had a lot of fun building the collectors.
We talked a lot too (now, that's a surprise). I committed to buy a
compass. Err.. what else?


PS: Now that I think of it, the 60-degree thing might be a good news for
the 6-yogis, 360 degrees model of mega-repeater.

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