[Cu-wireless] Quick NETGEAR MA301 802.11b Wireless PCI Adapter Question

Clint Popetz cpopetz at cpopetz.com
Tue Nov 13 12:17:23 CST 2001

On Wed, Nov 14, 2001 at 12:00:55AM -0600, Sascha Meinrath wrote:
> i was surfing on http://www.pc-product.com/ and came across a wireless 
> adapter for $37.  i want to buy it, my question is, will a NETGEAR MA301 
> 802.11b Wireless PCI Adapter work with ANY wireless card, or just with 
> other NETGEAR products?
> let me know as I'd like to get one of these soon,

802.11b is 802.11b is 802.11b.  It will work.

The things to consider when buying a wireless card are things like
does it support your OS, does the company have a history of
playing-well-with-others (Netgear does), does the company make solid
products that last (Netgear does; I won't use any other hubs.  They
are built like tanks), etc.   If you're overly paranoid, you search
news groups to see who is using the cards and see if they are having
problems with them.  I always have to work a little harder at this,
because finding hardware that works well under FreeBSD is always a
chore.  But doing your homework never hurts.  

Then again, for $37, I'd probably just buy it :)


		(Who has been really rambling lately)

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