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Brooks lordkuri at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 14 06:32:59 CST 2001

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Hey all.... Brooks here... I know I'm an "unknown" to some of the
people on the list, so I'll give a short intro here.

I'm 25, married, have 2 daughters (6 & 8 mo.), a Net Admin for
Horizon Hobby Inc. ( http://www.horizonhobby.com ), CCNA, MCP, and
probably a couple of other acronyms that I can't remember, although
many people at work would say that BOFH probably fits <grin>.

A short update on Huntington Towers....

I have left a message with building management, but have yet to
recieve a call back, and I have put in over 18 hours a day for the
past 2 days, so I really haven't had time to try again.  I do plan to
do my best to make some headway by the next meeting though.

Also, with regards to the P233's that I had a lead on, that has been
pretty much shot down =(  my boss decided yesterday that they would
make good "test servers" (whatever the hell he means by that, I have
no clue), so I am going to locate a few other machines for gateways. 
I am awaiting response to an e-mail I have to a good friend of mine
that is a netadmin for Illinois Power, and he might be able to come
up with something.

I'll check around to attempt to locate a couple of sites for you... I
still have contacts with American Tower Corp., and I know they tend
to be pretty good about donating space for this type of thing.

Also, here is the link for the primestar dish "conversion" I told you
about http://www.wwc.edu/~frohro/Airport/Primestar/Primestar.html

other than that, I'm out for today... back to the grind.......

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