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Ad hoc wireless for consumers, from Mitsubishi.


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"Mitsubishi is partnering with Detecon, the engineering and consulting 
affiliate of Deutsche Telecom, which holds the patent. These two 
companies will form a new one, tentatively called MOTERAN Networks, to 
deliver the technology. They plan to roll out the technology for 
on-campus corporate network use at first, then for home use, and finally 
for public-access hot spots and emergency backup networks. Eventually, 
the technology will also be used as a low-cost VOIP (voice over IP) 

In a nutshell, MOTERAN will allow any client PC or handheld with an IEEE 
802.11x card or Bluetooth capabilities to behave as a relay point to 
communicate with the next terminal down the line and to use this 
terminal to move packets along to their ultimate destination."

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