[Cu-wireless] Re: [patrick.leary@alvarion.com: I testified before the FCC today - some serious comments]

Peter Folk pfolk at gargtech.com
Fri Aug 2 15:01:22 CDT 2002

So, what do we need to do to fund the WCA LEA, or lobby more
effectively?  I realize this discussion is also going on on ISP-
wireless, but I too have trouble keeping up with the list. 


Dave forwarded Mr. Leary's post, containing the following:
> In simple summary, it is clear small WISPs are mostly invisible except
> for the limited efforts some of us have been able to manage. The WLAN
> vendors (including those that many of you choose for your wireless
> broadband solution) DO NOT recognize you exist. Without a very strong
> effort (which does not include mass e-mailing FCC officers) on the
> regulatory front, WISPs - people running for profit unlicensed wireless
> broadband businesses - should not expect their concerns and needs to on
> the minds of policy makers. I have not been loud heretofore in urging
> you to help fund the WCA LEA activities that are in your interest -
> namely the Regulatory Reform Project.  This is the ONLY organization
> trying to have a regulatory impact with real, proven tactics.

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