[Cu-wireless] net4521, latest developments, MEETING!!!

stephane at shimaore.net stephane at shimaore.net
Tue Aug 6 07:49:54 CDT 2002

Hi Dave,

> See my post titled 'simple design proposal' for my most recent thinking
> about the network and CD-ROM. Essentially, I think the station CD-ROM
> should choose IP numbers from 10/8 by hashing MAC numbers, and then run
> OSPF in point-to-multipoint mode on every wireless interface.  That will
> get us started, I think.  Your thoughts?

I liked the KISS part of it. ;)  I guess I never sent the e-mail I
started; my only questions were (1) to make sure my understanding we'd be
using a netmask of /8 on the wireless side (i.e. 10/8) was correct, and
(2) how the landside (aka wireline) addressing was handled (separate
RFC1918 block?).

I'll work on putting zebra and the wireless addressing scheme on the
Soekris board tonight. We can finalize the details (SSIDs, channels, etc.)
on Thursday.

> Let's have a meeting on Thursday to discuss next steps. RSVP. =)

I'll be there. Who else? :]

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