[Cu-wireless] HighWLAN: A Driving Wireless Network

niteshad at whopper.de niteshad at whopper.de
Wed Aug 7 00:45:41 CDT 2002

Thanks, Stephan, very interesting.  My first reaction was: "very cool!" 
followed soon after by: "wouldn't CB and/or FRS radio be a lot cheaper and
easier."  After all, with CB, you still get reports of traffic conditions, and
even more importantly, where "Smokey" is hanging out. ;)  

However, on the wireless topic, I've often wanted on-board GPS, terrain
mapping, weather info and traffic info while driving.  Years ago, I even
started specing out a system to get most of this infomation but scrapped it due
to its then prohibitive cost.  My current idea would be to go with a
satellite broadband ISP for the internet connectivity and a steerable GPS-guided
directional antenna to the satellite.  This would probably work well on a large
vehicle, such as an RV or semi, but would look very dorky on my Camaro.
<sigh> now if XM or Sirius would only figure out that what I _really_ want is
mobile internet, and let live365.com handle the streaming audio....

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