[Cu-wireless] Soekris net4521, more

stephane at shimaore.net stephane at shimaore.net
Mon Aug 5 23:35:52 CDT 2002


I've updated my page on the net4521[1] a bit more. There's a compactflash
image with kernel 2.5.26 (for standalone bootup), and (somewhat)
detailed instructions for PXE bootup, along with an initrd image suitable
for PXE.  (Also one nice picture for the PR folks. You guys know who you
are!) Not sure who that would interest, but since I've gone through the
process of getting that thing to run decently, I may as well save somebody
else's time. :)

Dave, I'm not sure what your current thoughts are for the CD image design.
Should I just put zebra on the compactflash and bring the board to the
next meeting (whenever that is) to see if we can get it to interact with
the desktops? I have two cards I can use for the Soekris board, and there
are two ethernet ports on the board, so if we want to test routing that
could be interesting. </Dave>

My 2 cents,

[1] http://www.shimaore.net/CUWireless/Soekris4521/

PS: The schedules haven't been printed yet, but I volunteered to give a
class on "Home Networking" for Urbana Adult Education (district 116)
next Fall and it got accepted. If we have some outreach/PR stuff available
by then I wouldn't mind mentioning CUW during the class. (That would give
us two months, the class is in October.)

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