[Cu-wireless] newly-discovered 802.11 chip

David Young dyoung at ojctech.com
Thu Dec 5 01:26:57 CST 2002

I have discovered that ADMtek in Taiwan has a one-chip 802.11 media
access controller (MAC) and baseband processor (BBP), called the ADM8211,
with exciting characteristics. It is a firmware-less design. It has a
bus-mastering PCI/CardBus/MiniPCI interface.  The host computer provides
many of the functions for an 802.11 STA or AP. Add a quality PHY and
a nice antenna to the ADM8211, and you may have an 802.11 radio to
swoon over.

It was a piece of cake to get the programming info for the chip. I will
write a NetBSD driver for it, and maybe a Linux driver, too. In 2007,
when I have free time again.


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